Human Fraternity

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In today’s world we hear a lot of beautiful things. We see a lot of efforts done to promote what many calls “The Brotherhood Among Men”. For the promoters of this concept, it is important that we understand each other, to accept each other, to learn from our differences for us to live a peaceful and happy life in this world. Sounds good and captivating. But for us Catholic Christians is this enough? Is this really the will of God for us? Read More

Catholic Mass Lectionary Omits Anti-Homosexualism Verses from Romans 1

Why do Catholics in America support homosexuality proportionately more than the general population?

Two reasons: lack of authentic Catholic teaching regarding homosexuality…and the Church omitted one of the clearest Bible verses on homosexuality from the lectionary:

One of the very unfortunate results of the New Lectionary is that verses that might be deemed offensive have been omitted from our liturgical celebrations. (I’ve written about how three “offensive” Psalms were removed from the Liturgy of the Hours after 1971 here.) Read More